Do you feel alone and overwhelmed like you're swimming in an ocean of conflicting internet marketing advice without a qualified and proven mentor?

"Why Does This 24 Year Internet Marketing Veteran Want to Give You His Step-By-Step Systems, Answer Your Most Difficult Questions, and Coach You to Success Online?"

Expose the Conversion Cracks On Your Website and Claim 7 Uncommon Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Website Profits In the Next 2 Hours Just For Saying Maybe...(Plus 9 Additional Gifts Including "Starting From Scratch" and "Adventures in Joint Ventures")

By Terry Dean

What would it be worth to you to have step-by-step guidance, support, and advice from your own Internet marketing mentor and a private mastermind group?

  • Are you looking for more passive income and long-term financial freedom?
  • Would you like more free time to travel or pursue your passions in life?
  • Do you want to give your family a better standard of living and lifestyle?
  • Do you want to escape the rat race or finally tell your boss to shove it?
  • Is there a cause or message you can share to make the world a better place?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been helping people just like you achieve their goals online for over 21 years now.

That’s right.  I first came online in 1996.  I quit my job delivering pizzas for Little Caesars for $8 an hour within 30 days of starting online.  And I’ve never looked back.  The Internet Lifestyle changed everything for me over the next couple of years.  I paid off over $50,000 in debts.  My time became my own.  And this freedom gave me the ability to live how and where I choose.

Since that time, I’ve built several online businesses.  Even sold one and retired from the Internet for 18 months before the passion drove me again.    I’ve coached thousands of Internet entrepreneurs…both brand new beginners and experienced multi-millionaires.

I’ve spoken at conferences around the world.   At one of these conferences I changed the life of the attendees forever when I demonstrated earning $96,250 live just from one email to my list during the weekend.

My products have been translated in Spanish, French, and Russian.  And I’ve often been referred to as one of the “grandfathers” of Internet marketing even though I’m in my early 40’s.

But this isn’t about me.  It’s about you.

You have purpose.  You have passion even if you haven’t tapped into it yet.  You dream of a better tomorrow for you, your family, and those who you serve.

But When your life depends on the outcome, you don’t need another “system” or a pat on the back.

You need hardcore in-the-trenches advice from people who are already doing what you want.  You need friends who are willing to call you out if you’re on the road to disaster.  And you need a mentor who can pinpoint mistakes and turn them around for you today.

In the end, nothing compares to…

Step-By-Step Guidance From Your Own Internet Marketing Mentor

Currently I mentor one-on-one with clients by email and phone.  But I only take a very limited number of clients so I can give each one the attention they deserve (no more than 20 clients total at one time).

And of course, my fees for this service are expensive. 

These clients experience breakthroughs, often daily.  Because nothing else out there is even close to having your own coach and mentor.  Having someone to gently guide you along, and at times give you a good kick in the rear, makes all the difference between success and failure.

Ebooks and courses don’t even come close.  All they seem to do is add to the overwhelm you’re already experiencing.  They give you more steps to follow, and you haven’t even completed the ones from the last course.

Seminars and workshops may load you up with information, but what happens when you go home and you no longer have people work side-by-side with you?  You sit alone in your office staring at the blank computer screen.

You go looking for a coach and mentor, but you quickly realize is there aren’t many with a proven track record behind them.

  • Do they know how to generate not just traffic…but traffic that has cash-in-hand and eagerly seeking what you have to offer?
  • Do they have a system for reviewing websites that spots all the “conversion cracks” which keep people from giving you their money?
  • Can they provide you with real useable advice for outsourcing activities, getting more done in less time, and earning more while actually working less?
  • And do they have a list of enthusiastic clients singing their praises…in markets other than just “make money online?”

You can probably count on one hand Internet mentors who meet the above qualifications…and you’ll find they all have one thing in common.  They’re expensive and often booked months in advance.

Time is limited.  A question I’ve personally wrestled with is how to expand my personal coaching practice to thousands of those who desperately need my help…and finally do it at a price anyone who is serious about their success can afford.

Here’s How to Get Me As Your Mentor PLUS Your Own Mastermind Group At a Fraction of the Cost…

Step one was to create a paper-and-ink newsletter each month where I share my most valuable breakthroughs as they occur, step-by-step systems my personal clients are using, and even cutting edge interviews with industry experts.

No theory.  No regurgitated advice.  No promotions.  Just 100% hard-core advice from your mentor…the exact same advice I’m giving to my clients that month.

I write every word.  No outsourced writers and no employees adding fluff.  It runs anywhere from 15 to 23 focused pages depending on how much is fully to cover the subject in detail.

This is the type of information I don’t share anywhere else…not in my free email newsletter, not on my blog, and not in my Ebooks.

You won't find a 'deep dive' like this anywhere else.

It’s like sitting out by the pool with me on a crisp autumn day as you discover exactly what’s working this month for my businesses and my clients.

This Heart-To-Heart Mentoring Letter will give you the step-by-step guidance you need to transform your online results.

But that's just the also get direct support from me, answers to your questions, and live personal help.

Monthly Live Group Mentoring Designed to Boost Your Conversion, Answer Your Questions, and Dramatically Increase Your Income

On these monthly group webinars, we’ll review a member’s website, marketing process, or answer their biggest traffic generation questions.

These sessions are modeled after the “hot seats” you see taking place at some of the best marketing conferences.  The difference here is these are not intended to demonstrate any speaker’s superiority, and all feedback will be constructive to helping them reach their goals.

I’ve also developed a system through hundreds of these hot seats that quickly gives you “eagle eyes” to spot where members are sabotaging their own results.   You’ll quickly see after just one or two of these events how you become a master level reviewer yourself.

And because this Club attracts serious players from virtually every market and niche imaginable, they constantly give additional feedback and advice you could never get from just one person alone.   You’re not limited to just the knowledge in one industry.  Instead, you’ll be exposed to breakthroughs as they occur across the Internet.

Each one hour webinar works like this.  In the beginning, the attendee and I will clarify the website, the market, and the challenges being faced.  Then I open up for the attendees to offer their feedback and advice to improve their results.  After this I share any additional suggestions I’ve prepared.  We’ll also open up the webinar for anyone else being faced with similar problems or questions when we have time.

Submissions are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis, and there is often a short waiting list.  At each webinar, I’ll do my absolute best to answer all the questions asked.

Every webinar is recorded and added for viewing in the membership area for at least 3 months.  Even if you can’t attend each event, you can still benefit from watching LIVE marketing challenges being solved.

With a serious group of like minded people you get to the heart of the problem and in more detail than you’ve ever seen take place in a hot seat before.

But what about when you need answers in between the webinars?  What if you need to solve an urgent problem today…

Experience a Mastermind Group With Advice and Support On Demand…Available When You Need It With Answers on Tap

This members-only, password protected discussion board provides you with coaching-on-demand without appointments and without commitments.

Ask questions.  Request feedback.  Seek resources.  Find joint venture partners.

Use it as much or as little as you like.  Learn from each other as you face similar challenges…challenges many gurus don’t even talk about. Eliminate that feeling of isolation and loneliness from your online business by communicating with like-minded marketers in other niches besides just your own.

When you’re angry or upset about a poor situation, know there is a caring group available to you.

And unlike many groups, I personally review and respond to members almost every business day.  That's right.  You get my personalized answers and feedback to your questions in addition to the other members.

One rule reigns supreme here.  Be constructive and helpful to the other members.  If you feel someone is barking up the wrong tree and is about to waste their time or money on a failed experiment, say so.  But do it in as nice of a way as you can.  Comment on the project, not the person.

My moderators and I are not afraid to lay the smack down if someone gets out of line.

And if you’re the one asking the questions, be respectful of everyone else’s time and help.  Sometimes taking feedback on your “baby” is hard.  We’ll do our best to help you, even if sometimes that means giving you a cold hard dose of reality.

If you can’t handle the truth, then this players-only club simply isn’t for you. 

That’s a lot of benefits every month with the detailed mentoring letter, the monthly hot seat webinar, and the members-only mastermind group.  But we're not finished yet...

You Get Immediate Online Access to 39 Hand Selected Back Issues Covering How to Generate Traffic, Create Winning Copy, Email Templates, Overcome Overwhelm, and So Much More
(Over $1,168 in Value All On It's Own)...

  • 8 Internet Lifestyle Formulas: My Favorite Systems to Help You Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!
  • 30 Days to Profits: How to Enter a New Market…With No List and No Audience…and Earn a Profit in 30 Days or Less
  • Affiliate Income: 7 Step Affiliate Income Business Model For Brand New Online Marketers
  • Authority Architecture: 10 Proven Principles to Position Yourself as a Celebrity Expert Even If You’re Just Starting Out
  • Bing Secrets: How to Get Start With Bing Advertising Using Lateral Thinking…and Roll-out Your Advertising Fast
  • Choose Your Traffic: How to Choose, Optimize, and Profit from the Right Traffic Sources For You
  • Copywriting Hacks: Jealously Guarded Secrets to Boost Your Conversion and Make More Money From Your Websites Immediately
  • Email Income Multipliers: Unlimited Email Ideas, Attention Grabbing Subject Lines, and More Money From Every Email You Send
  • Email Profits Master Plan: How to Make Money-On-Demand With Email
  • Email Sequences: Proven Templates For Creating Your Initial Email ‘Welcome’ Sequence to Turn New Subscribers Into Buyers
  • Fast Writing Formula: 7 Step Formula For Writing Faster and More Profitable Content, Emails, Sales Copy, and More
  • Freedom Quadrant: How to Earn Predictable, Reliable, and Dependable Monthly Income From Your Online Business
  • Free Traffic Domination: How to Attract a Hungry Buying Audience For FREE
  • Funnel Turbochargers: Set-up Your 1st Funnel, Tweak It For Maximum Profits, and Roll It Out For Big Income
  • Get Unstuck Fast: Guide for Breaking Through the Common Online Marketing Sticking Points…and Creating Profits FAST
  • High Ticket Formula: How to Create and Sell High Ticket Offers to Hungry Buyers
  • Internet Consultant Shortcuts: My Proven Techniques For Creating ‘ Quick Wins’ For My Clients
  • Irresistible Offers: Proven Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Irresistible Offers
  • Kindle Cash: How to Attract Leads, Sales, and Clients From Kindle
  • Lead Magnets: How to Create a Lead Magnet That Grows Your List FAST And Turns New Subscribers Into Buyers
  • Magic Bullets: Step-By-Step Template Guide For Creating Mouth Watering Bullets and Sales Copy
  • Magic Tipping Point: How to Create Self-Liquidating Lead Funnels and Increase the Lifetime Value of Every Buyer
  • Membership Money: How to Set-up A Membership Site, Share Content Members Love, and Turn It Into Ongoing Passive Income
  • Million Dollar Product Ideas: How to Quickly and Easily Create Your 1st Highly Profitable Information Product
  • Newsletters and Memberships: How to Create, Publish, and Sell Newsletters and Membership Sites
  • One Percent Solution: 7 Emotional Triggers to Make More Money By Offering Premium Options to Affluent Customers
  • Overwhelm Cure: How to Overcome the Overwhelm…and Get More Done in Less Time
  • Partnership Profits: How to Save Time, Earn More Money, and Multiply Your Audience With Long-Term Partnerships
  • Passive Income: 7 Triggers for Creating New and Profitable Income Streams
  • Persuasive Storytelling: Step-By-Step Storytelling System For Attracting Attention, Holding Interest, and Making More Money
  • Plugin Funnels: How to Create a Profit Generating Funnel That Fits Your Business
  • Pricing Magic: How to Increase Prices, Attract Higher Quality Buyers, and Earn More Money in Less Time
  • Seven Figure Lifestyles: Simple Lessons For Lifestyle Freedom From My Most Successful, Most Profitable, and Most Respected Clients
  • Shortcut to Copy: Quickest and Easiest Way to Create Order Producing Copy For Your Ads, Websites, and Videos
  • Speed Cash: How to Create High-Profit Information Products FAST
  • Video Sales Letters: 21 Step Video Sales Letter Formula Proven to Generate Sales in Dozens of Super-Competitive Markets
  • Webinar Formula: Step-By-Step Formula For Attracting Attendees, Making Sales, and Automating Profitable Webinars
  • World Domination Master Plan: How to Dominate Your Market By Positioning Yourself as the ONLY One Who Does What You Do

Get Immediate Access to 29 Full Length Master Classes in the Video Vault

  • Advanced Conversion Flowcharts: Critical Differences Between Six Figure, Seven Figure, and Eight Figure Businesses
  • Affiliate Fast Start: How to Earn $1,000 or More In Passive Monthly Income Without Any Products or Services of Your Own
  • Ascension Income Model: How to Create a Consistent and Growing Monthly Income With Memberships
  • Authority Architecture: The ‘Secret Recipe’ For Attracting Hyper-Responsive Customers and Clients for Life
  • Authority Formula: The Proven Way to Dominate Your Market and Supercharge Your Income
  • BIG Money Memberships: How to Make Big Money From Memberships, Print Newsletters, and Monthly Services
  • Choose Your Traffic: How to Choose, Optimize, and Profit From Traffic
  • Conversion Boosts: How to Boost Conversion, Sales, and Income From Your Landing Pages
  • Checklists and Systems: How to Make the 4 Hour Workweek a Reality in Your Life
  • Create Headlines Fast: The Quick and Easy Way to Create Winning Headlines and Subheads
  • Freedom Quadrant: Create Predictable, Reliable, and Dependable Monthly Income
  • Get Stuff Done: How to Create a Long-Term Vision…and Get More Stuff Done This Week
  • Headline Formulas: Proven Formulas For Winning Headlines and Subheads
  • Hero’s Journey: How to Write Your Hero’s Journey Story and Integrate It Into Your Sales Copy, Emails, About Us Page, and More
  • Hidden Money: Leveraging Your Assets to Find the Money ‘Hidden’ In Your Business
  • High Ticket Offers: How to Multiply Your Income With High Ticket Offers for Your VIP Buyers
  • Home Run Memberships: Add More Members, Keep Them Longer, Boost Backend Profits!
  • Information Business Changes: Dramatic Shifts This Year In the Information Business
  • Irresistible Offers: 8 Simple Steps for Creating Irresistible Offers
  • Premium Offers: How to Earn More With Less Work..and Enjoy It All the Way to the Bank
  • Pricing Magic: How to Add More Value, Sell For More Money, And Create Higher Profits
  • Six Figure Internet Lifestyles: How to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life With Your Own Internet Lifestyle Business
  • Storytelling Secrets: How to Bypass the Head and Implant Your Message Directly in the Hearts of Your Customers
  • Subscribers Into Buyers: How to Create Your First 5 Follow-Up Emails to Build Authority, Increase Engagement, and Make More Sales
  • Trusted Advisor: Attract High Quality Clients, Referrals, and Joint Venture Partners…While Repelling Those Who Aren’t a Good Fit For Your Business
  • Unlimited Traffic Secrets: Why You Don’t Have a Traffic Problem…How to Tap Into and Dominate Any Source of Advertising You Choose
  • Video Sales Letters: Step-By-Step Video Formula and Cheat Sheet
  • Youtube Advertising: How to Generate Prequalified and High Converting Visitors and Leads From Low Cost Youtube Ads
  • Website Reviews: See What’s Working and What’s Not From Other Members in the Community

Additional Step-By-Step Content Has Been Edited, Updated, and Categorized For Delivery To You During Your First 12 Months Membership

This could be broken out and delivered as a totally separate membership site if I wanted.  But this is all about overdelivering and giving you a group coaching program where nothing else even comes close.

I added an additional pathway that takes you from ground zero of choosing your first niche…through blogging, copywriting, outsourcing your business, email marketing, wand more…all the way to spotting roadblocks that hold even advanced marketers back.

Each month you’re a member you get access to another one of these members-only eBooks to give you all the training you need to grow your business from the first year and beyond.

The first month’s course is about Choosing Your Market.  In it, you’ll discover how to:

  • Finally stop struggling with uncertainty and find the right market for you to profit from this year…with complete confidence in the choice you’ve made with these proven tools.
  • How to identify your strengths, your weaknesses, and even your personal success blueprint to find the right opportunity for your new internet lifestyle and online income.
  • How to find the intersection of passion and profits…and why the old cliché of “do what you love” ends in discouragement, heartbreak, and eventual failure for the majority who travel it.
  • Identify the top competitors, potential joint venture partners, and available advertising before you enter a market to bulls-eye target the best buying audience for maximum profits.
  • Catapult yourself to success by breaking down the top competitors in any market, and legally steal all their research, test results, and hard work saving yourself years of trial and error.

You’ll also receive the Bulls-eye Market Evaluator Cheat Sheet.  You enter details about each of the markets you’re considering.  And this cheat sheet will help you score the market which has the greatest chance of success for you…meeting all the criteria you requested for your internet lifestyle business.

I currently sell this training for $47 separately, but you get it on day one of your membership…along with all the additional bonuses I’ve set apart for you below…

Only $39 Per Month With a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee For the First 30 Days…

You Also Get 10 Incredible Gifts Just For Giving the Monthly Mentor Club a Try

I understand you may not know me or my heart personally yet.  If you still have questions whether I can help you, maybe you should ask around…

You’re likely to find comments like what Jeff Mulligan shared on my blog recently, “I have NEVER heard a bad word about Terry or any of his products. Wish I could say the same about many others. Terry is universally recognized as one of the pioneers in this space and he continues to provide relevant information based on real success.”

Because you don’t know me, it may be a little tough to trust me. I’ve seen how others promise the steak…then they deliver an old crusty hamburger. To add insult to injury, they make it difficult to cancel.

If you ever need help (including cancellation or any other issue), simply use my support system. No, you don’t have to call anyone that’s going to try to upsell you into more stuff.

In addition, I know you still may have your doubts.

That’s why I’m including so many outrageous bonuses in this package deal. If I can convince you just to give me a shot…one opportunity to show you just how different my information is from everything else out there…you’ll stay a customer for life.

I’ve included some of my very best products just for trying out the Club.  No matter where you are in your internet business, one or more of these resources holds the key you need to go the next level.

Gift #1:“Fast Start Profits”

Glenn Livingston joins me on this 2 hour video to reveal 7 simple ways to dramatically boost your website profits in under 2 hours.   Glenn has sold 20 million dollars of consulting through his companies to Fortune 500 companies like Lipton, Ford, AT&T, and Panasonic.  When he came online, he developed successful websites in 17+ unique niche markets in a row.  He is also co-founder of Rocketclicks, an internet advertising agency that’s managed millions of dollars in ad spend.

Glenn and I worked together for over a year developing the Total Conversion Code, which shows you how to convert visitors into income by simply organizing and feeding back your customer’s words in the correct order.

We took the CORE ELEMENTS we covered in our big course and boiled it down into the 7 action steps you can take today to maximize your conversion in minimum time.

  • The “Golden Glove” Method for Dramatically Increasing Sales: If visitors aren’t subscribing to your list or buying from you, then do these five steps. If they’re not buying it’s always at least one of these 5 reasons…sometimes 2 or 3 of them. And they’re all easy to fix.
  • Quickly Uncover What the Buyer Is Thinking: Prospects in today’s Web 3.0 world leave definitive clues to their buying psychology all over the internet. But there’s one special place you can identify real BUYER objections, concerns, and emotional desires in less than thirty minutes. For FREE…
  • Make Irresistible Offers Your Prospects Can’t Refuse: There’s something you should know even if you choose not to become my customer. WHAT you’re offering is infinitely more important than HOW you sell it. The right offer to the right audience beats fancy copy hands down. Every time. That’s why we’ll show you simple ways to construct offers your prospect can’t resist…
  • Make Yourself Impossible to Ignore Even In Brutally Competitive Markets: Let’s face it; competition is only getting worse online. See how to turn your opponent’s frightening force in your favor like an Aikido master!
  • Little-Known Profit Boosters Proven in the Heat of Battle: These include a few dozen tried and true “conversion tricks” you can use right away. Profit boosting tricks which work across markets. Tricks which HAVE passed the test of time…
  • Real Life Example After Real Life Example: Its one thing to “talk theory,” it’s quite another to put these principles into practice. That’s why we include real life, detailed examples to illustrate everything we teach!

If you already have a website up and traffic going to it, you’ll likely pay for an entire years membership just from this one gift.  You could jump right now to the “Add to Cart” button…and consider the rest of the bonuses just extras that you’ll check out later once you put this video into action on your website.

It will make that much of a difference to any active website almost overnight.

Value – $99

Gift #2: Starting From Scratch

Glenn Livingston joins me again as we cover the MOST frequent question we’re always asked by students, “If you had to start over entirely knowing what you know now, and given how things have evolved online, what would you do?

In this double mp3 audio and special Cheat Sheet collection we review all the mistakes we’ve made, everything we’ve learned, and how we’d do it today if we had to start from scratch tomorrow.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • The truth about tiny little niches. Why the real money is made in MASS MARKETS and how to stake your claim even in the most competitive subjects.
  • Why creating a product first is a recipe for disaster. And how you can achieve results MUCH FASTER with this backdoor method.
  • No more overwhelm. Just follow this simple strategy and you’ll keep focused on what produces the income in your business from day one.
  • 3 common mistakes beginners make that sabotage their traffic, their conversion, and their profits…and what you can do to avoid them.
  • How to choose between free traffic and paid traffic, each of their unique advantages, and how to know what to expect starting out.

Value – $99

Gift #3: Adventures in Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are the fastest way to grow your list, increase your sales, and expand your business…even if you’re just starting out. But if you’ve been in this business for a while, you know they’re not as easy as some people claim.  You have to find the right partners, approach them with an irresistible offer, and make the deal without getting burned.

In this 3-part video webinar you’ll discover how to get started with your first joint ventures, how to sidestep the most common pitfalls, and the secrets to picking profitable long-term business partners.

  • 7 best places to find joint venture partners. Secret sources my clients use daily to grow their profits for FREE.
  • Step-by-Step guidance to create a high conversion joint venture email. Claim this proven template email with full explanation of why every section has been tested in dozens of markets.
  • 3 Deal-Killing Mistakes that spoil any deal…and could actually risk your entire business if you don’t keep your eyes wide open. The gurus aren’t telling you this!
  • The quickest, easiest way to grow your email list…Find out how my list increased by over 15,000 subscribers in less than 30 days with ZERO cost to me.
  • WARNING: 9 common mistakes that neutralize all the benefits, all the subscribers, and all the profits you make from your joint venture deals.

Value – $99

Gift #4: Wholesale Banner Advertising

David Oliver shares his underground advertising system where he gets wholesale pricing on his advertising.  You won’t experience any Google slaps. Your competition won’t come along and outbid you. It works for products and services along with both affiliates and merchants.  You can sell products directly or you can use it to build an opt-in email list. It works both in BIG general markets and in niche markets.  It will work for you.

David has been running multiple online businesses for over 12 years now.  You don’t hear about him in “internet marketing circles” because he doesn’t promote internet marketing products. He’s not part of the “in group.”  He is in multiple niche markets including weight loss (which shows this works even in the most competitive markets). In one of his niches he has over 11,000 testimonials!  It’s all about serving his customers with the best products imaginable.

In this mp3 audio training plus Step-By-Step guide, David shares his experience on how to find and profit from wholesale advertising:

  • How to dominate the best undiscovered ad locations and lock your competition out…even in the most competitive markets.
  • Capitalize on “Google Hatred” that is currently sweeping the marketing community to secure bottom-dollar rates that wouldn’t have even been possible just a few short years ago.
  • How thinking laterally opens the door to untapped advertising sources…ones you’ve never considered before (this one tip can transform your entire business overnight if you apply it).
  • Why UNDERCOVER advertising kicks butt…competition can’t see what you’re doing, they can’t track it, and they can’t copy your ads. You’re virtually invisible on their radar.
  • Why the going rate is almost always a sucker’s bet. Use David’s step-by-step negotiating strategy to pay just a fraction of what other pay for the same high quality visitors!

Value – $99

Gift #5 : Remote Control Selling Secrets

Doberman Dan was a personal protégé to copywriter extraordinaire Gary Halbert.  He has successfully avoided the limelight and the guru game all this time, but you’ve likely seen his work in MuscleMag International, Flex, Muscle & Fitness, IronMan, Muscular Development, Reps!, Exercise For Men Only, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, The National Enquirer, and Weekly World News.

Dan’s a friend of mine, and we’ve gone out to lunch multiple times. But he still SHOCKED me in the first few minutes of this 2 hour audio when he explained how 99% of internet marketers are leaving at least 50% of their money on the table…month after month consistently. And it only takes a few minutes to add this to your mix:

  • The biggest secret of the most successful marketers in the world. (Master this and you’ll be so far ahead of your competition, they don’t even have a PRAYER of catching up.)
  • How to lose money on your advertising… and STILL make a fortune!
  • His “secret weapon” to find buyers (not tire-kickers and “lookie loos”) already spending money in your niche… and how to “flip” them to spending their money with YOU!
  • His “counter intuitive” secret to finding the hottest “multi buyers” who spend TWICE as much money as your regular customers… and will be immediately receptive to upsells & cross-sells of your other products and services.
  • How to get highly confidential insider intelligence about how your competitors are getting customers… and EXACTLY how many customers they’re getting each month. And how much each of these new customers are spending with them. You’ll also discover what copy, hooks and offers have been most successful for them. (And YES, this jealously guarded “underground” secret is legal AND ethical!)
  • If you’re making money with this type of advertising, you’re severely limiting your business growth… and cheating yourself out of MILLIONS! (Only 1 out of 10,000 entrepreneurs knows this multi-million dollar secret.)

This gift ALSO includes Dan’s ROI Prediction spreadsheet.  Discover which marketing campaigns have the greatest chance of success and profits while staying in your budget.

Value – $99

Gift #6: Grow Your Customer and Prospect Lists Four to Seven Times Faster

When was the last time you turned 55% to 85% of your visitors into subscribers? How about turning 9% to 31% of your subscribers into customers?

Just imagine the kind of impact those numbers would have on your business.

Instead of just barely making it, you expand your advertising. Hire team members to promote you. Watch as people stand in line for a chance to be your affiliate and promote your products to their audience.

Impossible? Not at all. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a dramatic and instantaneous change in your results.

For example, did you know just trying a different photo on your website has improved results by 47%? And instead of making you guess at the right kind of photo, I’ll tell you exactly what photo to use, what the participant should be doing, and where it should be positioned for maximum response.

This mp3 audio and Cheat Sheets reveal 76 ways to boost your profits.  They’re all included in a checklist you can print out and use for any of your web promotions. This is a checklist you’ll keep on your desk to use for years to come.

Value – $49.95

Gift #7: Sell More Without Hype, Gimmicks, or Exaggeration

Where is that authentic writer who forms a deep connection with his audience to make the sale – instead of using hype, gimmicks, and exaggeration?

I stumbled upon a website by a copywriter I had never heard of before.  His honest letter sold me…without bombarding me with “benefit rich” copy. It took place almost on a subconscious level. I searched the web and found another one of his websites. The same thing happened. I didn’t skim. I didn’t jump around. I read every word from top to bottom.

When I finished reading every word of both those websites, I felt I knew him personally. Trusted him. And desperately had to have what he was offering…without even fully knowing why at the time.

Was it magic?  No. He simply calls it…indirect persuasion™.

Shaune Clarke shared revelations he hasn’t shared anywhere else…not even with some of his copywriting apprentices.

Value – $49.95

Gift #8: 7 Practical Ways to Earn More By Working Less

This is the mp3 version of my popular audio CD, “7 Practical Ways to Earn More By Working Less” you can purchase from and other online retailers. It is a simple fireside chat between my wife and I about how ANY business owner can increase their income by working less.

It sounds counterintuitive, but you’re likely working too hard to make any real money. Find out the steps multi-million dollar business owners use to increase their income while taking more time off.

Value – $29.95

Gift #9: Create Your Own Highly Profitable Information Product in Just 2 Hours or Less

This is the mp3 version of my popular audio CD, “How to Create Your Own Highly Profitable Information Products in Just 2 Hours or Less…Without Writing…Even If you Don’t Own a Website.” This is the simple method of creating your very first product and SELLING it even without putting up a website.

Yes, that’s right. You can have an information product up and selling today…without a website and without previous experience. It’s easy when you know the system…and these 3 sales techniques that don’t require your own website.

Value – $29.95

Gift #10: “The Thousand Dollar Marketing Makeover Guide”

This special PDF report includes the exact assessment I used for my $1,000 Marketing Makeover consultations. Each client went through this extensive assessment for their business before they got on the phone with me.It analyzes their business…and picks apart mistakes they’re currently making to help them boost profits immediately.

In this guide you not only receive the complete assessment, I also take you by the hand and guide you through each question step-by-step showing you how each element can increase the profits of your online business.

Turning this assessment into profits is all laid out for you in detail. Here’s a hint. Many businesses think leads who don’t buy are just a waste. If you follow what I’ll share with you, they become one of your most profitable assets.

All in all, this special report totals 58 pages. But it’s not available anywhere else except for direct one-on-one clients.

Value – $199

You Get IMMEDIATE Access to All 10 of the Gifts Above…Just For Trying out the Monthly Mentor Club!

You may already be a subscriber to my list, have read one of my blogs, or even purchased one of my other products.  But you don’t have a clue what is waiting for you on the other side of that “Add to Cart” button.  Even with everything I shared here, you still won’t realize the difference this will make to you.

I pour my heart and soul into each issue of this newsletter.  My other materials don’t even come close.  Each issue is like experiencing a full day with me.  It’s like downloading my brain and thinking patterns right into your head.

You’ll get to experience real-time what is working online for me, my clients, and your fellow Club members. 

I’m so confident you’ll absolutely love the Monthly Mentor Club that I’m willing to bet on it. You will receive all $853.80 in gifts immediately through the membership section of the website.

The next monthly issue will be mailed out to you the first week of each month.  These issues are ALSO posted in PDF format to the inside of the membership area.

Plus, you get immediate access to the members-only mastermind group and can attend the next upcoming group coaching webinar and hot seat.

My one-on-one personal coaching starts at $500 for email access…and it’s $1,000 for email and phone access.   But you’re not going to pay anything even close to this.

You get it all for just $39 per month…

Why Is All This Just $1.30 a Day?

Why am I providing all this value…all these gifts…and even live personal help for just $1.30 a day when most other clubs provide 1/3rd the benefits for double the price or more?

Have I gone fruit loops or something?

This is the introductory price with all new personal help and access to me.  The price will increase in the future, but you can lock in this discount rate now.

I’m willing to offer you so much for such a low price because it’s a way to extend the coaching I already love doing to a larger audience.  I can leverage my knowledge, my experience, and personal testing to grow your business…and can do it with 1,000 clients instead of just 20.

The Mastermind group is new to this program so I’m participating in most discussions right now, but Club members will quickly adapt, connect with my thinking patterns, and be able to provide the same or even better advice soon.  While I’ll continue to manage the group, it won’t require as much of my direct involvement.

This will happen on the webinars also.  I’ve already seen hundreds of people immediately apply the way I review websites and marketing campaigns when teaching hot seats at high priced workshops.   You and your fellow members will quickly provide all the advice needed.  All I’ll have to do is moderate the group.

Napoleon Hill said, “A Master Mind is when two or more people work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. One of the chief benefits is that each person can draw on the education and influence of the others.”

As the group grows, the mastermind effect will produce results for my business as well as yours.  My goal is to simply collect the best group of players serious about making a difference online while making all the money they want and need.

Where else can you invest just $1.30 a day…and see a potential return like what’s available to you here?

That’s less than a cup of coffee a day!

You Get a FULL 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you can honestly say this site isn’t worth at least 10 times the price after looking at everything provided to you in just the membership area alone, then you can ask for a full refund.

Your money will be fully refunded…and you have NOTHING to return. You keep every digital bonus…your first issue…everything…for your trouble.

Plus you can cancel at any time.  No commitments.  Just contact my support system, give us your name, and let us know you want to cancel.  That’s all there is to it.  No hoops to jump through…and you don’t have to even speak to anyone on the phone.  Please give us 24 to 48 hours to cancel your account.

Do You Qualify?

This is not for people looking for the next big “push button” way to riches.  You won’t be happy with what I have to say.  And even though I hand you everything you need on a silver platter, you likely won’t take action on any of it.  This isn’t for wimps or whiners looking for the newest “shiny object” they can collect and store in their files.

No sugar coating the truth.  In fact, I’ve had a few people tell me they were scared off by what they read in past issues.  GOOD…they just saved themselves years of heartache and misery.  They didn’t have what it takes to be a player online.

This is for those with a willingness to take action…to listen to a mentor…and participate in a community of serious players all with the same goal. 

This club is about making a lot of money online, but the internet lifestyle itself isn’t just about the money.  It’s about building a lifestyle you enjoy and making a difference for others.

You’ll confidently know you can go up against anyone – in any market – because you have a Secret Weapon in your corner.  You’re backed and supported by a mentor and a team of researchers dedicated to finding you all the “profit loopholes” you can stand.

Here’s How to Get Your Own Mentor and Mastermind Group At a Fraction of the Cost

Each month you get…

  • 15 to 23 Page Paper-and Ink Newsletter Packed With Advice From Your Mentor On What’s Working Today (PDF version also available inside the member’s area).
  • Live Monthly Webinar For Hot Seat Reviews and to Answer Your Marketing Questions (recorded and available for viewing in the membership area).
  • Members-Only Discussion Board For Answers on Tap When You Need Them
  • Immediate Access to 39 of My Hand-Selected Back Issues Guaranteed to Boost Your Profits Fast
  • Immediate Access to 29 Full Length Master Classes in the Video Vault
  • 12 Monthly Step-By-Step Modules Starting With Choosing Your Market Advantage

Plus you get $853.80 worth of FREE Gifts immediately inside the site.   All for less than $1 a day…

Only $39 Per Month With a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee For the First 30 Days

Your Marketing Coach,



P.S. If you’re looking for a “flashy” magazine or a coach that never makes mistakes, you’re in the wrong place.  My print newsletter is jam-packed with hard-core advice and information you can use immediately, but you will only find a limited number of photos when needed to demonstrate a technique.  And you’ll often find I reveal not just my successes, but also my failures…even the embarrassing ones you don’t hear about anywhere else.  It’s not just my successes you can learn from.  The best lessons come in my failures!

P.P.S. Because this includes group webinars and discussion, there are limits to how many people can join at any given time.  I’m going to keep my eyes on the interaction, and reserve the right to close this offer at any time.  If you click the “add to cart” button and it takes you to an opt-in waiting list, it unfortunately means we’re overbooked at this time.

Full DisclosureIt would be unreasonable to assume you’d achieve the same explosive growth as the clients on this page because of their unique abilities, resources, and intense actions. The Average Internet Marketer doesn’t receive any results because they aren’t willing to take action and go after their goals with intense focus. In addition, the majority of users experience a slower process than these exceptional cases. Everything is backed by a full money back guarantee if it’s not right for you for any reason…

Dr. Michael Beck

With Terry’s help, my business launched and grew to a six figure business within the first year. The next year it has almost doubled again in income.

Dr. Michael Beck,
Paul Wright

Over the past 8 months – Terry’s input has taken my business from an average profit of $7000 per month to over $35,000 per month – and it is only going to get higher. Last month my membership program increased by more than 30% – directly due to Terry’s input into my sales copy, website design and emails.”

Paul Wright,
Scott Palat

Within 1 week of getting Terry’s help and tweaking my website, I was able to start making sales and it virtually never stopped. Within 1 year of meeting Terry I was making more money than I ever dreamt. I now live a life that has been nothing short of wonderful. My wife, son and I live in Colorado as we enjoy the freedom of being able to work from any location. Best of all, my businesses are having huge positive affects on many people’s lives.

Scott Palat,
David Tingley

Thanks to Terry’s help and brutally honest advice, I’m focused and moving toward the ultimate freedom I’ve been seeking. Before Terry, I spend most of my time working in my business. After Terry, I spend most of my time working on my business. (I’ve hired employees to do much of what I did previously, and the business has nearly doubled in size over the past year). Oh… Almost forgot, my wife and I’ve spent the past 6 months “working on the business” from Hawaii.”

David Tingley,
Marcus Santamaria

Terry helped me with a sales letter for my coaching program. And I’m delighted to say that, I was able to fill the program with just one email. All I had to do was announce that the program was open to my list and send them directly to the sales letter that Terry helped me write…I’d also like to add that Terry is probably the most honest person that I’ve ever met. Whenever we discuss what we’re going to do in my business or the emails or letters that I’m writing, Terry’s default is always to be completely honest – which is the way I like to live too.”

Marcus Santamaria,
Lee McIntyre

I started working with Terry Dean as one of his private coaching clients maybe 2 ½ years ago now. At that time, my business was doing about $7000 to $10,000 per month. And with Terry’s assistance, I actually increased my business from $7000 to $10,000 per month to $20,000 per month. Then actually from $20,000 per month to $100,000 per month.”

Lee McIntyre,
Nancy Hayssen

“As an Internet Entrepreneur…Have you ever felt alone? I mean REALLY alone. I felt like it was usually the blind leading the blind or me just solo on a journey to space…beating my head along they way. At last I had been granted what I was looking for. A Mentor that REALLY helped me. He also happens to be a courteous, kind person who is full of integrity – now that’s hard to find. I feel like I struck gold!”

Nancy Hayssen
Gregory E. Nemer

Within the first month of one on one coaching Terry helped me to realize the mistakes that I had been making and to discover my purpose online.  I began my journey to success.  I can’t say that I instantly became rich.  Terry has taught me growing a business is a process.  He has never tried to sell me on any type of Get Rich Quick mentality.  I cannot thank Terry Dean enough…His coaching has been invaluable to me…Last year marked a big change in our lives financially.  We are experiencing a lifestyle change.

Gregory E. Nemer,
Frederic Patenaude

“I started working with Terry Dean as a coaching client in 2008, and since then I’ve gone from working 6 days a week and being stressed out to working only 3 days a week, with more free time while increasing my productivity…I spend half the year in North America and half the year in tropical paradises like Costa Rica.”

Frederic Patenaude,

I didn’t make $10,000 the next week. I didn’t buy my first yacht in a month. And I didn’t retire at age 30. However, I DID quit my job within just a few short weeks of getting your course and now I work from my home, earning a very nice living online.

Jimmy Brown,

Terry Dean consistently provides more valuable, actionable advise than anyone else out there. I consider myself quite lucky to have the opportunity to learn from, and work with, a legend like Terry Dean. It is quite an incredible experience.”

Travis Giggy

Just yesterday Terry’s coaching program rescued me when I was feeling “lost”. Without his guidance, I would not have felt confident about what to do next. And when I get “lost,” it’s easy to just stop action. Terry’s personalized help made the difference and got me back on track right away.”

Phil, Austin, TX

Terry Dean is the only Internet Marketing Coach that I really TRUST! His products are awesome. I specially like the Terry Dean Monthly Mentor Club where members get monthly newsletters with in depth tactics and techniques that can be applied to get more traffic and sales.”

Yetti Chiu,

Terry, Your personal coaching was a valuable experience for getting started online. When I was afraid and discouraged, you help me overcome my fears of making money online. In fact, when I decided to become a copywriter, you encouraged me by telling me how much I could make, and the incredible amount of knowledge and experience I’d pick up as a result of being deeply involved with my client’s marketing campaigns. Your advice has paid off big time for them – and me! Thanks for everything,”

Kevin Dawson,

Terry, I am so grateful for all the information, guidance and opportunities your provided me with. Your help allowed me to finally create my own lifestyle. I am a nature buff and I can now enjoy spending more time with my family and the freedom of exploring trails with my VTT of go fishing for trout or walleye whenever I feel like it – well, whenever the weather permits that is. I must also say that I come back to your blog for more information and inspiration. I find it’s always time well spent and it often gives me the right focus to optimize my results and the ideas how to leverage the numerous resources at our disposal.”

Claude LaBadie,

Hi Terry, I’ve been following your teachings for about 1.5 years now. I have your Internet Lifestyle Retirement System and I’m VERY impressed with this high quality product that teaches the nuts and bolts of starting and running a profitable Internet business and yet still have a LIFE. This is one of the best IM products that I’ve ever bought and I highly recommend anyone serious about building a profitable Internet business get his or her own copy of the Internet Lifestyle Retirement System DVDs! You focus so much on achieving a lifestyle that one wants, instead of just stressing how much money you can earn in x amount of time. What is the point if you can earn a lot of money but have to work life a slave? I’m also an avid reader of your blog. You put out incredible information for free and I’m sure that many marketers have learned and benefited a lot from your teachings, just as I have benefited from yours. Keep more great stuff coming Terry! ”

Welly Mulia,

Over the past few years I bought 2 of Terry’s products. One is called “Network Marketing In The Internet age” which he recorded with Frank Garon and the other product that I got from Terry is his “Email Marketing Mastery” course. These 2 products were both fantastic and they helped me drive home the importance that if I want to be as successful as Terry, I need to focus on building an email list and also building a relationship with them at the same time. Terry, thank you so much for everything that you taught me over the past 2-3 years. You are the best and I do love your customer service support too.”

Tal Fighel,

Hello this is Semmy I want to said personaly thank you to Terry Dean.. He is not only give me a good value product but he also teach me how to start an internet business and start to enjoy my live.. I really love his Internet lifestyle system.. I watch again and again.. Because I want to learn from Terry how to earn more work less and enjoy my life.. Thank you very much Terry!”

Semmy Lauw,

Only $39 Per Month With a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee For the First 30 Days…